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Will we see you at the Bath and West Main Show next weekend - May 31st, June 1st & 2nd? 

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ESSMEE offers train rides on The Bath and West Steam Railway at major events held at The Royal Bath & West Showground. Those events are

  • The Bath and West Show (May/June)
  • Classic Car Show (June)
  • New Wine (July and August)
  • Truckfest (September)

Trains run regularly and very often we run 4 locomotives, both steam and diesel-electric all day. Rides are only £2. Society members volunteer in all aspects of running the railway and somewhat oddly, everyone enjoys their turn at the level crossing!

The Bath & West Showground.

The show is a major event in which the club participates and The Bath and West Steam Railway is an attraction in its own way. We share in this enjoyment by providing the public with rides on the trains. 

All work undertaken during the winter has to be complete for the first event of the season. Thousands of people come to the showground and enjoy a day out with interests ranging from sheep shearing, looking at prize bulls, watching horse riding, enjoying food and drink to train rides. It's a great day out.

Of course, the preparation starts a few weeks before with the members volunteering to perform various tasks for the days ahead. One primary task is to set up the rotas so everyone knows where they are at specific times on each day. Our day starts with steaming up the locomotives and providing all the necessary preparation from coaling, watering, oiling and finally to walking the track to ensure there are no objects on the line. In other words all the things required to ensure the smooth running of an exceptionally busy day.

It is also acknowledged that the back up team, who provide tea and coffee (and some fabulous cakes!) for the members to keep up their strength throughout the day, fulfil a vital function and are all part of the fun.


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