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Shunting Competition August 10th - fellow model engineers welcome 

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We ran our second Santa Special visit this year. And yes he came. We sold out all the places on the trains and we are really sorry if we disappointed anyone. The good news is we are doing this again in 2022. Check out our calendar when its ready.

Here is his letter he sent to us.  Hope to see you in December!

Central Depot and Manufactory,   somewhere in the far North

 A Thank-you from Santa  

Now that the seasonal rush is over, we Santas are at last getting round to writing our thank-you letters.

I am especially pleased to be writing to you because my two visits were so enjoyable.

Obviously, we do quite a number of railway Santa Specials.  The trouble with these is that there are lots of them and it gets a little boring doing the same “Ho-Hoing” routine as well as getting a bit worn out lugging that great sack from carriage to carriage.

Your Santa Special really was special.

Firstly, the venue at the show ground offers lots of scope for reindeer rest, entertainment and recuperation. They seem to enjoy their rest in the big sheds, where I am also able to park my sledge.  Secondly you give my clients a ride on a miniature train and they are all able to see what is going on.  From my point of view, it is a really pleasant change for my clients to be brought to me instead of me having to walk up and down between carriages.

Instead, I had a delightful ride down to my grotto pulled by that handsome blue locomotive “Mendip”.  Then I could get really comfy in my tunnel grotto while my elves prepared the presents ready for the train full of clients and adults, (who seemed to enjoy coming along for the ride.)

When the train arrived, all I had to do was walk along the train distributing the presents and most importantly finding out if there would be any home complications for entry and so on when I arrived on Christmas Eve.  (I stressed the condition that clients should be asleep for my magic to work.)  I was also able, with the help of my elves, to confirm the address I would have to find and fit into my busy Christmas Eve schedule.

Then the train, carrying my delighted clients, their adults and the presents departed and I could settle down on my Santa Throne while my elves prepared for the next train.

I do so hope you will invite me again as I really enjoy my visit.  It would be worth you booking me up early before he inevitable rush of bookings that almost overwhelm us near Christmas time.   Thank you once again.       Happy New Year.             Santa  

Easy How to Draw Santa Claus Tutorial and Santa Claus Coloring Page

A  visit was held on what was supposed to be a very wet Saturday this August at the club. Nineteen visitors came to see us and after what was a very wet start, with thoughts of us having to change the planned programme, it suddenly turned dry and we were able to proceed as planned.
We split our guests into groups and we asked them to prepare the railway for a public running.
Each group had a team leader: Tony preparing Mendip, Roy L advising how we prepare the rolling stock, Roy P driving Centaur, Brian driving and explaining about Shepton, Michael showing the wizardry of the signal box and both Gavin and David showing them all the 5 inch yard. A tour of our facilities also took place with Robin showing some of his 5 inch wagons and our Black 5 project.
This was the first kind of visit hosting another club this way and it was very much enjoyed by all.
A big thank you to everyone else who helped make this such a success.
If you belong to another club and after reading this would like to visit us then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be pleased to hear from you.

The society is offering the opportunity to drive our diesel and steam locomotives.

Taking part offers the opportunity to learn and experience our miniature version of a railway. This railway is used to carry passengers at such shows as the Bath and West Country Festival. The track is fully signalled imitating a standard gauge, passenger hauling railway. This offers the participant the opportunity to fully experience all aspects of driving a train.

Come and meet our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team who will do their best to give everyone a great day out. Family rides are free.

Numbers of drivers are limited to just three each session. 

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Another great weekend at ESSMEE with visitors from far and wide. Enjoy the slideshows.

Following many weeks of warm sunny weather it was disappointing that a change began a few days before this event. On Saturday, after a dry early morning, it began to rain and the decision to put the toys away was taken late in the afternoon. On Sunday morning we were greeted by rain, however, by 11.00am the rain had cleared and we enjoyed a pleasant warm, sunny afternoon.

ESSMEE offers train rides on The Bath and West Steam Railway at major events held at The Royal Bath & West Showground. Those events are

  • The Bath and West Show (May/June)
  • Classic Car Show (June)
  • New Wine (July and August)
  • Truckfest (September)

Trains run regularly and very often we run 4 locomotives, both steam and diesel-electric all day. Rides are only £2. Society members volunteer in all aspects of running the railway and somewhat oddly, everyone enjoys their turn at the level crossing!

ESSMEE holds Open Weekends at the Bath and West Showground twice a year, usually in Spring and October. This is are full two day events with train rides  which are available throughout the day but you're welcome to visit for as long or as short as you like.

More importantly, guests of other clubs and societies are welcome to feature the "love of their life" and do so in large numbers. Guests who bring working exhibits travel from as far away as Fareham, Bicester and Wales (Pontyclun). On previous occasions as many as 20 traction engines, 20 locomotives with 3 steam cars have attended.

smilesmilePlease look at our facebook page - Bath and West Steam Railway - or contact us about joining. smilesmile